Over Under: The Movies

cameramanIn the third episode of the Romick Brothers, Jerry and Michael are joined by sister Deborah as they discuss their picks for most over- and under-rated movies. Of the three siblings, Mike has the most experience in drama, starring in a number of productions in high school and college. But, interestingly, Jerry is the only to have actually appeared in a major motion picture. All three are avid movie fans and quite opinionated.

Jerry, Michael, Deborah, mid 1960sAfter watching this episode, please leave a comment with your picks, whether or not you agree with our picks or if we left anything off the list. Also, be sure and tell us if you’d like to see Deborah in upcoming episodes.

Next time we take on Ear Worms, or, at least that’s the plan at this time.

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  1. What do you all think about Wes Anderson films in general? Would love your input on these.

    A couple of kids’ movies: The Princess Bride and Second Hand Lions (the latter is one your Dad introduced our family to).

    Two I’d list as favorites; not sure if they are underrated or not but I think they are worthy of mention:

    Medium Cool is definitely under-noticed if not under-rated. It so, so captured the way that so many of us were living through the tremendous disruption that was 1968 and beyond.

    And Captain Phillips is worth a mention, as a great example of Tom Hanks’ versatility. What do you say?

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